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Thursday, March 31, 2005


Well not really... More like a Promise.. Kinda..

Here is the scoop.. I have been on nights for almost 3 years.. I love it.. however,,, the way it works is that the Assitant manager job should rotate so that people can experience new challenges.. and grow and learn.. I have been fearing the day when they say.. OK back to days with you.. and then watch as the years of hard work crumble and the children (stocker) are left with no leadership cause they put some rookie in charge..(have I mentioned that i am a control freak)

Today at 5am my little black phone rings.....

Me WM security may I help you
Darrell (my bosses boss) Jason its darrell hows thing
Me{Holy shit this guy gets up early} Going good .. There will be no pallets on the floor in the backroom..
Darrell I have heard that you have had a good run there?
Me I guess so..
Darrell We want to make you a perminante overnight assistant
Me {thank god ... I thought i was gona get transfered to Flin Flon} that sounds great to me
Darrell We may move you around the city however..
Me Fine sounds like something new {Yay I dont have to leave the city}
Darrell I have to talk to your store manager... Expect my call
Me OK just let me know...{waiting for the This message will selfdestruct Portion of the phone call}

Why does my gurl have a mountain of pennies at the side of her bed?

-end post

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Cant sleep...

Oi,,, wth.. It has been like 33 or is it 44 hours now.. I havnt slept..havnt done my chores for days off.. nothing.. just aimless wondering.. around the house...

I spent some time wondering why I dont use a 2n1 shampoo.. instead of just shampoo...

I think I am just wanting spring here NOW... there has been snow on the ground for like.. 5 months now.. its like ... Get the hell out of here.. *opens up an arosal can and burns styrofoam* attempting to speed up global warming... I know its canada but Oi.. gime spring or gime death..

My to do list for days off..

1. Laundry DONE
2. Make container food. DONE
3. Clean the Bathrooms.. Ug..
4. Bake Bread... DONE I have been on this Organic.. kick latley.. and it is still on me... I freaked out when I was talking to the bread man at the store ... He told me that all the bread that he delivers is from edmonton Ya..3 1/2 days away.. how much preservatives are they putting in that stuff..I was like screw this I am making my own bread from now on.. and at fifty cents a loaf. too... Now I sound old LOL

50 things about me.

1. I like shoes, I like the retro 70s look.. it kind looks like abowling shoe.
2. I drive a vw.. the only other car i would consider is the hybred honda
3. I like my hair long
4. I dont need anymore furniture. (i duno why people keep giving me there old crap)
5. I dont have enough time to spend at home.
6. I am a control freak. that is why I am a manger .. I need to know who, how, where, ect
7. I was surprised to find out that people are so different in life, I grew up in a small town and thought that people were the same ,,, just looking different.
8. I love food
9. I hate dieting.
10.I want a work shop in my garage.
11. I have a chaos streak in me .. if things are going too well i will subliminaly sabitoge it sometimes..
12.I like my stake rare with gorgonzola chease.
13. I some time feel like I am loosing touch with my culture, living in the big city.
14. I can be a self absorbed individual sometimes.
15. I wish I was small enough to look good in leather pants
16. I often want another tattoo..
17. I am too afraid to get my tounge pierced.
18. I feel poor all the time.. I wish I never got into debt.
19. I am glad I never went to post secondary school.. I am making a good living now..
20. I like doing thing that are nice for strangers and they never know it was from me.
21. I love to shop, Buy clothes, and shoes..
22. I am proud to be Canadian.
23. I have lost 18 lbs on my diet so far.
24. I share.
24b, except food!
25. I have 36 scars from hip to heal on my left leg from a motorcycle accident many years ago.
25. I prefer jockies.
26. I am 6 ft 3 inchs tall.. and yess my younger brother is taller than me.
27. I am oldest of 4
28. My phone plays Play that funky music when it rings.
29. I plan on recruiting a gnome army.
30. I have a desire to collect hotwheels cars.
31. I will pick up trash on my street and bring it home to recycle it.
32. I can palm a basketball
33. I was defensive tackle in highschool football
34. I enjoy watching squirells in my back yard
35. My spelling suks.!
36. I prefer cats over dogs.
37. My dogs names growing up were Popcorn, Chubbie, Zues, Nicky, Hotdog, and one more german shepard I dont recall.
38. I grew up on a farm.
39. I graduated with a c- average..
40. I was underage when I got my tattoo.
41. Vodka is my drink of choice
42. I am Imature for my age.
43. I have Shinobi hotwheels car
44. I am cutting this list from 100 things to 50.
45. I crave McD's even after watching 'Supersize Me".
46. I used to Paint one of my toenails blue when I was a teenager..
47. I am Proud to recycle.
48. I dont give back improper change when it is in my favor.
49. I am dont have many hobbies..
50. I sleep Face down.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Day 2 of working

Alas if you dont have to go the store today.. DONT it will be the buisest shopping day of the year so far.. we were closed yesterday and tommorow too.. so today is like the only day that people can shop.. I call it Island day ..

I got a pat on the head today from the boss... I pre-loaded some stack bases with merch to go out to replace the ones that are on the floor that usually sell down really fast.. so now they can just do what I call a Plunkit display ... Roll the stuff up to the empty spot and Plunkit and take the empty stack away.. He was impressed that no one asked me to do that and I did that little bit extra...

I gota eat more.. I have been skipping meals ... that is the cause of my "Huskyness" my body only gets 1 meal a day and it thinks that it better hold onto all that fat cause who the hell knows when this idoit will put more food in there... The doctor called me a cronic under eater.. After I laughed for about 20 min he explained the above..

-end post

Friday, March 25, 2005

Good day

First day back to work and unlike most first days back it was a good one..

We are not open tomorrow and that means that we dont have to make all our over stock fit into our small stock room.. I am lucky some days if I can open the door.

no one fought .. the children just got along Yay..

Since I am back at work the post sizes will be getting smaller for a few days but oh well LIVE with it..

My spelling sucks... I am sure you have figured that out by now .. but I am telling you I know..
2 more days till the easter bunny comes... CHOCOLATE :)

-end post

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Resaons Why...

Reasons why to quite my job now and become a chef.

1 I can stand long hours
2 I like yelling at people (chef BBC britcom with Lenny Henry)
3 I am good with a kitchen knife
4 Blood dosnt bother me
5 I have a good memory..
6 I dont sweat I glow
7 I know where the tenderloin is on a cow
8 I know at what temp to rost meat so it falls apart
9 I look sexy in those hats..(alright and pith helmut too)
10 I cook many foods, aisan, indian, italian, and ukrainian,,, Vive la Cabage roll

10 reasons why the above is a bad Idea

1, I would loose 10 years of Mart experience
2, I would have to start as someones kitchen slave,, preping and washing
3, dishwasher pay wouldnt keep food on our table.
4, I dont like getting yelled at
5, I dont like to follow recipies to the letter.. I make them my own... I am sure that that is frounded apon in chain resturaunts.
6, I dont like the colour white.
7, I would get HUGE eating and sampling.
8, Oven burns.
9, McDonalds say that I am overqualified..
10, I couldnt cook with an Steam Iron anymore..

-End Post


K. I have been doing chores right (read like 2 posts ago) and while doing this it has been customary to put on music.. Usually it is heavy stuff ... slip knott, Nervana,, ect.. but now I have gone back to my roots and started to listen to dance again... high school was the last time i was serously interested in dance music ... so I poped in the cds and it was like 1992 all over again... The Venga Bus is my fav tune that I listened too today... Plus I have a bunch of DJ mix cd's too I love hearing the disco music remixed into dance form...

End post

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Frying pan mayhem

K I have a great frying pan it is a Rival copper bottom pan, that is lik 12lbs, it is one I can stir fry in, and rost meat and vedge, today I was taking out of the oven and I forgot the oven mitt... OW OW.. Thats right now you can read RIVAL and the comany logo on my right hand...

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

To Do List

K.. My days off I always make myself a to do list.. it helps me stay focused so I dont lay on the sofa all day eating chease. I love crossing things off the list in some wierd way I feel like I am on MONSTER HOUSE and they put the big DONE stamp after a project is completed..

1. Wash the floors in the kitchen.. Yes I have mad cooking skilz but that leads to carnage on the floors some time. DONE

2. Vacum.. and the stairs too.. the back lash of having a hamster is pine explosions. DONE

3. Do the Laundry.. this is my fav thing to do cause I just toss in an the machine does the work .. I watch a movie with my gurl and fold .. easy as perogie. (yes i know perogie is not easy to make but have you ever made pie... same diff) DONE

4. Make freaze able meals for the next week gota do this one didnt last week and resorted to eating vending machine pizza pops at work :p DONE
I saw this short animation thing and got kinda grossed out.. The Meatrix I think we wont be buying grocery store meat any more.. there is a place just down the road from us called Norman's meats that I think we will be checking out..

I lived on a farm and we sold our stock for food so I had that in mind when buying beef and pork. now I wish i could raise my own chiken in the back yard... (I think i am gona look up the local buylaws .. hummm) if not here maybe at the doublewide of paradice..

-end post

Monday, March 21, 2005

Ahh Wide leg days

Woot! it is now my days off.. I get three of them b/c of the easter holliday..

I am looking forward to a few things

1. Geting out of my work jeans.. and into my wide leg jeans... I found out the hard way that wide leg jeans and the wheels on a pallet jack dont get along.

2. The new freshbox is coming wednesday thank god too cause we are almost out of fruit.. Except the avucado.. wtf am gona do with that??

3. Hanging out with my gurl.. I think we will go to the indi movie theater.. they play lots of overseas movies.. Kung Foo... whaaaaaaaaaa!

Thats it for now..

End post.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Juice addiction

Quick post

I have a problem.. I have been drinking over a liter a day of Hi-C juice I looked it up and it appears not to have crack in it ingredients / nutritional information duno what to do.. (go with it Drink it all) Damn devil on both sholders..

end post

Friday, March 18, 2005

Easter in retail

K the one thing about working in retail is you hate the hollidays.

1. the store gets trashed b/c of all the traffic
2. every day I have to answer questions ie
i how many hams did we sell yesterday?
ii how many skids of easter candy do we have left?
iii why didnt your people clean up after the day crew had an easter pot luck dinner?
iv who threw that easter bunny into the rafters?
v so where did you put the 12 skids of easter lillies I ordered?
vi why do you have blood and chocolate on your shirt?
3. we are number watchers and bean counters I run my night like a train conductor I have to know where everyone is and how fast they are working,,, I feel like a mother hen.

4. and always as soon as one season ends another starts.. easter is over in 7 days so that means that summer toy season hits, then back to school, then halloween, then xmas, then valentines, then easter ... cyclonic I know..

The fresh box came last wednesday... holy sh*^ is some damn fine tasting fruit, I didnt know how much the store bought stuff is messed with but this is the best tasting produce ever.. and the vedge ... lets say tonight I have a date with a kitchen and Moussaka is on the menu.. oh yeah..

end post

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Fresh Options

OK today is the first day of the Fresh options delivery I am going to try to explain it but there is a link below for the computer savy.. Every wednesday there will be a ring at the door we will fork over $30 for a box and in this box there will be fruits and vedgitables all organicly grown and Local where possible.. now I have been a HUGE fan of the farmers market and go alot in the summer, but in the winter the farmers dont set up in parking lots much... I like to cook and think I do an ok job with it .. but I am getting bored with what i make... now it will be like Iron Chef I get the ingredients and bang a gong and it is on... cook with what I got.. and it is fresh and local... Winterpeg has one of the largest hydroponic vedg grows in western canada... (not kidding it is built from all the stuff confiscated from the M.J. Drug busts)

Link.. Fresh Option Organic Delivery - EATING LOCALLY

End post

Monday, March 14, 2005

Bruce Willis

I saw Bruce Willis on the daily show the other night. Most stars when they are are on talk shows dress semi casual, not Bruce, he was wearing a long sleave t-shirt with a short sleaved one over top, and jeans.. I thought holly shit I dress like bruce willis... Weird huh?

I can believe how well work is running latley, I am an assistant mgr that is incharge of pruduction at a major dept store, My job is to ensure that all the frieght that comes in off the trucks, makes it onto the sales floor. on an average night we process 1500 to 1900 boxes on a buzy night we empty more that 40000 cartons.

I have been on nights for almost 3 years now and I love it, I love making so much happen. I like having that much of a work force under me and having them all work well. I also dont have to wear a shirt and tie. My usuall attire is a t-shirt, jeans, bandana, and work boots.

I love cool t-shirts, alot of mine come from value village and have stuff on them like, Bushido aquatics... it has a picture of a dragon on the front. or one that Old duch chips logo on the front.. I is just wierd and I like it. Shoes now that is another post all together. Humm the shoe post coming soon.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Well this is the last day off I gota go to work tonight, today I had lotsa fun playing movie link with my brother,,

My gurl and I watched both kill bill movies.. I still dont get that quenton tarentino guy.. he is like school in the summer time...-No Class- Racisim, bad language, I just dont like it. but lotsa people do...

I gota get up early and make some food for this up coming week, I make bulk food and freeze it in containers for the week.. I loose about 6 hrs in one day, but I really dont have to cook the rest of the week. I love to cook it is just I dont have the time.

Everything is melting... soon gnomey will be making his way outside.. we named him Jeff. I will put up a picture as soon as I figure that kinda thing out.

End Post

Monday, March 07, 2005

Lets try this again...

This is the second attempt at a blog the other one.. duno it is gone. I am not very good with this internet thingy so yall get the basic cookie cutter blog.

I am still on a good for nothing food hating diet.. that sucks cause I like the fried food, and the big gulps. I have lost a bit of wieght but I have been cranky as all hell about it.. it is just like quiting smoking.. arg..

I loved the move Fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain, Le And I hope to have that kind of sence of fun and justice in my life. Amelie touched me and does affect the way I live my life.

I love warm pants from the dryer...

End post 1