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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Shoe death and India

Today is a sad day for me I do beleive that My very first pair of Converse shoes are dead. I have worn them hard through out the year. I have climbed many of structures and slugged my way through many of swamps with those Granny smith Green Chuck Taylor high topps. I can only hope that come spring I can afford a new pair. It isnt like we are so poor that I cant afford shoes but we are saving for a new car and that takes all priority... Bloggerbot through hello has been bitchy latley so I dont know if I can post a picture of the shoe-y carnage.. RIP your box will continue to hold my CD's

So Wal-mart has anounce that it will open stores in India within the next year. They have joined forces with Bharti (india's) equivelant to Rogers communication to set up the enterprise. They have put out a survey to see who is interested in going to India for set up. I said that I would go. It would be an adventure and a fantastic experience so .... Will I go or not... Knowing walmart it will either happen right away , 12 months from now, or never.

To night I am doing laundry .... watching HOUSE the tv show and making Brushetta... mmmm...

have a good day all...


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