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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Fresh Options

OK today is the first day of the Fresh options delivery I am going to try to explain it but there is a link below for the computer savy.. Every wednesday there will be a ring at the door we will fork over $30 for a box and in this box there will be fruits and vedgitables all organicly grown and Local where possible.. now I have been a HUGE fan of the farmers market and go alot in the summer, but in the winter the farmers dont set up in parking lots much... I like to cook and think I do an ok job with it .. but I am getting bored with what i make... now it will be like Iron Chef I get the ingredients and bang a gong and it is on... cook with what I got.. and it is fresh and local... Winterpeg has one of the largest hydroponic vedg grows in western canada... (not kidding it is built from all the stuff confiscated from the M.J. Drug busts)

Link.. Fresh Option Organic Delivery - EATING LOCALLY

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