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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Daily Report

I snuck out of work a bit early today, I am tierd I havnt slept for the last 32 hours and I am just ready to crash for a good 6hrs, you see that is a good nights sleep for me I normaly get around 3-4 hs a day it works I run fine on that ... it just that things have been going so good around here (home) and I dont want to sleep right now.

I made really good onion soup yesterday I didnt use much but it tasted good, I post the pictures and recipie in the next few days.

Colleen was a sweetie yesterday and packed me a proper lunch, I usually take like 3 pieces of fruit and some crackers... she made sure that I got all 4 food groups. it was nice, but I ate it all by first coffee break.. damn I forgot how hungry I get when I dont sleep.. guess she didnt forget..

I am contemplating a new job,, maybe withing walmart may be outside. duno .. getting borring at that place now.. may be I will wait a month and see if I am still boared..

I want to hit geocache 400 by the end of the month that only gives me like 6 days to knock off 23 caches.. so lilkly you wont hear from me after the soup post.. untill feb.. so take care all.


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