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Monday, March 14, 2005

Bruce Willis

I saw Bruce Willis on the daily show the other night. Most stars when they are are on talk shows dress semi casual, not Bruce, he was wearing a long sleave t-shirt with a short sleaved one over top, and jeans.. I thought holly shit I dress like bruce willis... Weird huh?

I can believe how well work is running latley, I am an assistant mgr that is incharge of pruduction at a major dept store, My job is to ensure that all the frieght that comes in off the trucks, makes it onto the sales floor. on an average night we process 1500 to 1900 boxes on a buzy night we empty more that 40000 cartons.

I have been on nights for almost 3 years now and I love it, I love making so much happen. I like having that much of a work force under me and having them all work well. I also dont have to wear a shirt and tie. My usuall attire is a t-shirt, jeans, bandana, and work boots.

I love cool t-shirts, alot of mine come from value village and have stuff on them like, Bushido aquatics... it has a picture of a dragon on the front. or one that Old duch chips logo on the front.. I is just wierd and I like it. Shoes now that is another post all together. Humm the shoe post coming soon.


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