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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

To Do List

K.. My days off I always make myself a to do list.. it helps me stay focused so I dont lay on the sofa all day eating chease. I love crossing things off the list in some wierd way I feel like I am on MONSTER HOUSE and they put the big DONE stamp after a project is completed..

1. Wash the floors in the kitchen.. Yes I have mad cooking skilz but that leads to carnage on the floors some time. DONE

2. Vacum.. and the stairs too.. the back lash of having a hamster is pine explosions. DONE

3. Do the Laundry.. this is my fav thing to do cause I just toss in an the machine does the work .. I watch a movie with my gurl and fold .. easy as perogie. (yes i know perogie is not easy to make but have you ever made pie... same diff) DONE

4. Make freaze able meals for the next week gota do this one didnt last week and resorted to eating vending machine pizza pops at work :p DONE
I saw this short animation thing and got kinda grossed out.. The Meatrix I think we wont be buying grocery store meat any more.. there is a place just down the road from us called Norman's meats that I think we will be checking out..

I lived on a farm and we sold our stock for food so I had that in mind when buying beef and pork. now I wish i could raise my own chiken in the back yard... (I think i am gona look up the local buylaws .. hummm) if not here maybe at the doublewide of paradice..

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