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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Cant sleep...

Oi,,, wth.. It has been like 33 or is it 44 hours now.. I havnt slept..havnt done my chores for days off.. nothing.. just aimless wondering.. around the house...

I spent some time wondering why I dont use a 2n1 shampoo.. instead of just shampoo...

I think I am just wanting spring here NOW... there has been snow on the ground for like.. 5 months now.. its like ... Get the hell out of here.. *opens up an arosal can and burns styrofoam* attempting to speed up global warming... I know its canada but Oi.. gime spring or gime death..

My to do list for days off..

1. Laundry DONE
2. Make container food. DONE
3. Clean the Bathrooms.. Ug..
4. Bake Bread... DONE I have been on this Organic.. kick latley.. and it is still on me... I freaked out when I was talking to the bread man at the store ... He told me that all the bread that he delivers is from edmonton Ya..3 1/2 days away.. how much preservatives are they putting in that stuff..I was like screw this I am making my own bread from now on.. and at fifty cents a loaf. too... Now I sound old LOL


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