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Thursday, March 31, 2005


Well not really... More like a Promise.. Kinda..

Here is the scoop.. I have been on nights for almost 3 years.. I love it.. however,,, the way it works is that the Assitant manager job should rotate so that people can experience new challenges.. and grow and learn.. I have been fearing the day when they say.. OK back to days with you.. and then watch as the years of hard work crumble and the children (stocker) are left with no leadership cause they put some rookie in charge..(have I mentioned that i am a control freak)

Today at 5am my little black phone rings.....

Me WM security may I help you
Darrell (my bosses boss) Jason its darrell hows thing
Me{Holy shit this guy gets up early} Going good .. There will be no pallets on the floor in the backroom..
Darrell I have heard that you have had a good run there?
Me I guess so..
Darrell We want to make you a perminante overnight assistant
Me {thank god ... I thought i was gona get transfered to Flin Flon} that sounds great to me
Darrell We may move you around the city however..
Me Fine sounds like something new {Yay I dont have to leave the city}
Darrell I have to talk to your store manager... Expect my call
Me OK just let me know...{waiting for the This message will selfdestruct Portion of the phone call}

Why does my gurl have a mountain of pennies at the side of her bed?

-end post


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