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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Back to work

I just remember when I go back to work what a mess I walk into, Not that I think I am gods gift to walmart but for pete's sake can someone make a decision with out hand holding for once.

Scarry thing happend, as we were short I assigned myself cardboard duty. This involves compressing empty boxes all night. Also I have to throw out the trash. As I was pitching handfulls of plactic into the garbage shoot my wedding ring flew off my hand into the shoot.... Shit.. I grabbed a flash light and dove right in. It so reminded me of starwars when they were trying to escape from the empire and dove into the the garbage pit... after 30 min of rummaging I turned up the ring and got out of there as fast as possible YUCK....

Now turkey for supper... MMMMmmmm

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