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Friday, March 18, 2005

Easter in retail

K the one thing about working in retail is you hate the hollidays.

1. the store gets trashed b/c of all the traffic
2. every day I have to answer questions ie
i how many hams did we sell yesterday?
ii how many skids of easter candy do we have left?
iii why didnt your people clean up after the day crew had an easter pot luck dinner?
iv who threw that easter bunny into the rafters?
v so where did you put the 12 skids of easter lillies I ordered?
vi why do you have blood and chocolate on your shirt?
3. we are number watchers and bean counters I run my night like a train conductor I have to know where everyone is and how fast they are working,,, I feel like a mother hen.

4. and always as soon as one season ends another starts.. easter is over in 7 days so that means that summer toy season hits, then back to school, then halloween, then xmas, then valentines, then easter ... cyclonic I know..

The fresh box came last wednesday... holy sh*^ is some damn fine tasting fruit, I didnt know how much the store bought stuff is messed with but this is the best tasting produce ever.. and the vedge ... lets say tonight I have a date with a kitchen and Moussaka is on the menu.. oh yeah..

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