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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Days off to do list

This is something I used to do to make sure I got all my crap done during my days off and I didn't just spend the days sleeping and baking.

1. Hang new mail box. DONE
2. Clean out fridge, I have been doing a good job of keeping the kitchen clean but the fridge is getting yucky.
3. Find out about passports, we may need them to go see blue man group in April
4. Fold laundry AND put it away.
5. Make more food from the Asian cook book I got for Christmas.
6. Shovel more of the side walk out side. I just cleared enough to get from the garage to the house, one shovel width. DONE
7. Spend at least one day caching, but its not like I need to remind myself of this one, but I want to do the nasty stuff on the list before I do this one. DONE
8. Get water. DONE
9. Take down the Christmas tree. DONE
10. Maybe go to the IMAX and watch one of the movies in 3D, possibility for lameness is high but still might be fun. DONE

Now to get busy.


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