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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

50 things about me.

1. I like shoes, I like the retro 70s look.. it kind looks like abowling shoe.
2. I drive a vw.. the only other car i would consider is the hybred honda
3. I like my hair long
4. I dont need anymore furniture. (i duno why people keep giving me there old crap)
5. I dont have enough time to spend at home.
6. I am a control freak. that is why I am a manger .. I need to know who, how, where, ect
7. I was surprised to find out that people are so different in life, I grew up in a small town and thought that people were the same ,,, just looking different.
8. I love food
9. I hate dieting.
10.I want a work shop in my garage.
11. I have a chaos streak in me .. if things are going too well i will subliminaly sabitoge it sometimes..
12.I like my stake rare with gorgonzola chease.
13. I some time feel like I am loosing touch with my culture, living in the big city.
14. I can be a self absorbed individual sometimes.
15. I wish I was small enough to look good in leather pants
16. I often want another tattoo..
17. I am too afraid to get my tounge pierced.
18. I feel poor all the time.. I wish I never got into debt.
19. I am glad I never went to post secondary school.. I am making a good living now..
20. I like doing thing that are nice for strangers and they never know it was from me.
21. I love to shop, Buy clothes, and shoes..
22. I am proud to be Canadian.
23. I have lost 18 lbs on my diet so far.
24. I share.
24b, except food!
25. I have 36 scars from hip to heal on my left leg from a motorcycle accident many years ago.
25. I prefer jockies.
26. I am 6 ft 3 inchs tall.. and yess my younger brother is taller than me.
27. I am oldest of 4
28. My phone plays Play that funky music when it rings.
29. I plan on recruiting a gnome army.
30. I have a desire to collect hotwheels cars.
31. I will pick up trash on my street and bring it home to recycle it.
32. I can palm a basketball
33. I was defensive tackle in highschool football
34. I enjoy watching squirells in my back yard
35. My spelling suks.!
36. I prefer cats over dogs.
37. My dogs names growing up were Popcorn, Chubbie, Zues, Nicky, Hotdog, and one more german shepard I dont recall.
38. I grew up on a farm.
39. I graduated with a c- average..
40. I was underage when I got my tattoo.
41. Vodka is my drink of choice
42. I am Imature for my age.
43. I have Shinobi hotwheels car
44. I am cutting this list from 100 things to 50.
45. I crave McD's even after watching 'Supersize Me".
46. I used to Paint one of my toenails blue when I was a teenager..
47. I am Proud to recycle.
48. I dont give back improper change when it is in my favor.
49. I am dont have many hobbies..
50. I sleep Face down.


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