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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Resaons Why...

Reasons why to quite my job now and become a chef.

1 I can stand long hours
2 I like yelling at people (chef BBC britcom with Lenny Henry)
3 I am good with a kitchen knife
4 Blood dosnt bother me
5 I have a good memory..
6 I dont sweat I glow
7 I know where the tenderloin is on a cow
8 I know at what temp to rost meat so it falls apart
9 I look sexy in those hats..(alright and pith helmut too)
10 I cook many foods, aisan, indian, italian, and ukrainian,,, Vive la Cabage roll

10 reasons why the above is a bad Idea

1, I would loose 10 years of Mart experience
2, I would have to start as someones kitchen slave,, preping and washing
3, dishwasher pay wouldnt keep food on our table.
4, I dont like getting yelled at
5, I dont like to follow recipies to the letter.. I make them my own... I am sure that that is frounded apon in chain resturaunts.
6, I dont like the colour white.
7, I would get HUGE eating and sampling.
8, Oven burns.
9, McDonalds say that I am overqualified..
10, I couldnt cook with an Steam Iron anymore..

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