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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Day 2 of working

Alas if you dont have to go the store today.. DONT it will be the buisest shopping day of the year so far.. we were closed yesterday and tommorow too.. so today is like the only day that people can shop.. I call it Island day ..

I got a pat on the head today from the boss... I pre-loaded some stack bases with merch to go out to replace the ones that are on the floor that usually sell down really fast.. so now they can just do what I call a Plunkit display ... Roll the stuff up to the empty spot and Plunkit and take the empty stack away.. He was impressed that no one asked me to do that and I did that little bit extra...

I gota eat more.. I have been skipping meals ... that is the cause of my "Huskyness" my body only gets 1 meal a day and it thinks that it better hold onto all that fat cause who the hell knows when this idoit will put more food in there... The doctor called me a cronic under eater.. After I laughed for about 20 min he explained the above..

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