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Saturday, December 30, 2006


I got a few cook books from my sister for christmas, and this is one of the attempts from them The Book is called Nita Mehta's Indian Cooking.

The samosa is the perogy of the Indian world. Deep fried in all its glory. I wont post the recipie b/c in needs fiddling. I found it a bit tart and needs more spice in the dough and the filling.

And dontcha love the pink paper towel Sexy eh?

S'all for now.
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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Back to work

I just remember when I go back to work what a mess I walk into, Not that I think I am gods gift to walmart but for pete's sake can someone make a decision with out hand holding for once.

Scarry thing happend, as we were short I assigned myself cardboard duty. This involves compressing empty boxes all night. Also I have to throw out the trash. As I was pitching handfulls of plactic into the garbage shoot my wedding ring flew off my hand into the shoot.... Shit.. I grabbed a flash light and dove right in. It so reminded me of starwars when they were trying to escape from the empire and dove into the the garbage pit... after 30 min of rummaging I turned up the ring and got out of there as fast as possible YUCK....

Now turkey for supper... MMMMmmmm

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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas is Over

Hi There, well more than one post this month, arnt you lucky.

We just got back from Hamiota and did the christmas thing, I must say it was one of the best holiday events in recent memory, for one, I didnt spend it in a walmart store eating a pb&j sandwich, and for two everyone got along.

We got tons of cool swag. some of the noteable stuff is a new mail box(yes we hate our came with house one and got one from Myra) 2 bitchen cook book I am hopping to dive into and do some blogging about soon, just got to stock the cupboards up a bit... all money on gifts none on food. Lots and lots of other cool gifts. Colleen hit the sock jackpot this year something like 15 pair of girly girl socks.

Tonight is the MBGA christmas party and then it is back to work. But look forward to more posts at least untill the snow melts.

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Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Now that the summer is over and it is colder outside, and I am blowing all my money on ruddy christmas and other usefull junk the Geocaching is slowing down. There is less caches published now, and I have found many in my are so now I am forced to travel more. There is still quite a few to be found in the south end of the city, but for some unknown reason I have avoided that area of the city.

I have been cooking more, and just generaly bumming around the house. One thing that I have to do is fix up the golf so I can sell her. I tried to start it up yesterday but the battery is dead. It is still full of crap, that I have accumilated there for quite some time. If I get the inside clean for some reason I think that will make working on the engine easier. Colleen has been reminding me now and then about getting this done. I know it has to get done, but for some reason I have been putting it off for months. Subliminaly I think it is because I love this car it was the first car I bought new and has been great to me. I know this is very much a man/car love moment, but baby and I have been through alot together.

It will be sweet however to get the new car we are hopping for, Toyota Prius

About 1/4 saved still a way to go.

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Monday, December 11, 2006

Winnipeg Faves, through my eyes.

Alrighty I have decided to put together a list of my personal top restaurants in Winnipeg, for no other reason than I want to... so there. I will update and add as time goes on, or subtract if needed.

Alycia's classic Ukrainian food, this is the food of my childhood, perogies, cabbage rolls, and garlic sausage oh my. The place is reasonably priced, but be warned if you are watching either fat or collesteral intake steer clear.

The Fyxx Great sandwich and coffee shop. My personal faves are the Tandoori's Box - Roasted chicken, peach salsa, jack cheese and greens with a tandoori mayo between Sal's corn bread and an Italian soda.

Falafel Place Perfect place for your vegetarian or vegan friend who you don't know where to go for coffee too. Some of the best borcht that I have ever had... sorry grandma.

Enorae Bistro This place states that it sells Sexy food, and man does it ever. The Wraps are out of this world, I think this may be my next great love. Also serves Organic fair trade coffee.

The Round Table Steak House 800 Pembina virtual nothing on line about this place. Great English style food. My personal fave is the Stuffed Yorkshire pudding... Stuffed with what? Beef!

Dandelion Eatery Totaly Organic, local where ever possible. This place always has a shifting menu based on what is in season, and what farmer shows up at there door step. Price can set you back a bit, but damn tasty.

Punjab Sweet House vegetarian never tasted soo good. No frills and the odd toddler running by. but it is fun. The buffet is where it is at, $6.50 for Indian buffet is unheard of.

Nods to the following, Cookatoo's, Hanabi, Be One, and Oceana.

Monday, December 04, 2006

All I want for Christmas.....

Hi there it is that time... And for the people who wonder what to get us.. I have decided to make it easy for ya...

For My sweetie.

iTunes gift card (for her snazzy new iPod)
Girly girl socks
The devil wears Prawda DVD
Final Fantasy XII Guide purchased
Final Fantasy XII PS2 game
Trip for two to Vegas.
dyson vacuum cleaner

For Me

emulsion blender
stone wear loaf pan
Howles flying castle, click here for picture of package DVD
blue jeans size 40x30 baggy fit 725 from walmart
Crosby Stills Nash and Young Cds
Newest best of U2 album
damn big good glasses that wont chip in my dishwasher (restaurant grade)
Magellan explorist 210 ( or any gps with a data cable) If someone won the lotto

well for now that's all I can think of I will add more when I think of it... Oh yes I will think of more..