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Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Now that the summer is over and it is colder outside, and I am blowing all my money on ruddy christmas and other usefull junk the Geocaching is slowing down. There is less caches published now, and I have found many in my are so now I am forced to travel more. There is still quite a few to be found in the south end of the city, but for some unknown reason I have avoided that area of the city.

I have been cooking more, and just generaly bumming around the house. One thing that I have to do is fix up the golf so I can sell her. I tried to start it up yesterday but the battery is dead. It is still full of crap, that I have accumilated there for quite some time. If I get the inside clean for some reason I think that will make working on the engine easier. Colleen has been reminding me now and then about getting this done. I know it has to get done, but for some reason I have been putting it off for months. Subliminaly I think it is because I love this car it was the first car I bought new and has been great to me. I know this is very much a man/car love moment, but baby and I have been through alot together.

It will be sweet however to get the new car we are hopping for, Toyota Prius

About 1/4 saved still a way to go.

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