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Monday, December 11, 2006

Winnipeg Faves, through my eyes.

Alrighty I have decided to put together a list of my personal top restaurants in Winnipeg, for no other reason than I want to... so there. I will update and add as time goes on, or subtract if needed.

Alycia's classic Ukrainian food, this is the food of my childhood, perogies, cabbage rolls, and garlic sausage oh my. The place is reasonably priced, but be warned if you are watching either fat or collesteral intake steer clear.

The Fyxx Great sandwich and coffee shop. My personal faves are the Tandoori's Box - Roasted chicken, peach salsa, jack cheese and greens with a tandoori mayo between Sal's corn bread and an Italian soda.

Falafel Place Perfect place for your vegetarian or vegan friend who you don't know where to go for coffee too. Some of the best borcht that I have ever had... sorry grandma.

Enorae Bistro This place states that it sells Sexy food, and man does it ever. The Wraps are out of this world, I think this may be my next great love. Also serves Organic fair trade coffee.

The Round Table Steak House 800 Pembina virtual nothing on line about this place. Great English style food. My personal fave is the Stuffed Yorkshire pudding... Stuffed with what? Beef!

Dandelion Eatery Totaly Organic, local where ever possible. This place always has a shifting menu based on what is in season, and what farmer shows up at there door step. Price can set you back a bit, but damn tasty.

Punjab Sweet House vegetarian never tasted soo good. No frills and the odd toddler running by. but it is fun. The buffet is where it is at, $6.50 for Indian buffet is unheard of.

Nods to the following, Cookatoo's, Hanabi, Be One, and Oceana.


  • At 8:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    dandelion eatery expensive? easily my favorite restaurant - and very reasonably priced.


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