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Saturday, August 06, 2005

The Gurl Post

I have been neglecting my blogging pastime as of the last week during that time there has been several things going on in my life. The biggest one involving my Gurl. My Gurl has gotten herself a new job working at a Bank now this isn't normally a big thing, however it is a departure from her normal Spy work, that's right I said spy b/c she works alone and spys on people working and reporting back to The Cheif fortunately no messages that she receives from CONTROL self-destruct. So back to the story at hand. She put in an application and did the interview and heard not much after that so she thought she didn't get it. But last Monday, on a bank holiday, she gets the phone call saying she got the job. This sets off a flurry of events, that include shopping for - shoes, lunch box, and clothes. In all this this makes a total of 3 jobs that she holds down now.

Of course we are still going to folklorama every night, she works 9-5 so the evenings are free. Today is her second day at work and I am finally beginning to slow down a bit... you are thinking how does this affect me? Let me tell you! I am an obsessive compulsive planner and a neat freak, so as all this kaos is happening around me away from my normal routine I try and keep up to her and help out of course this means,

and I am keeping up to my normal stuff too.. I have posted a Pic of my gurl below.. I think she is Hot stuff.

Now that she is at work for the day I have a bit more time on my hands and with this I am plotting a few things.

  • More time gardening
  • More Baking Woot!
  • Plotting how to ambush her on her lunch and make tasty food on a portable grill in her parking lot.
  • I can do work on our poor car that has been overlooked for the last little while.
  • Home improvement projects like Painting the inside of the house and maybe renovating the bathroom down stairs.
  • I can finally make Borsht

I have also found a cool music site Gorillaz that plays there videos and tunes I highly recommend if you are into that kind of stuff.


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