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Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Journey of Spot

This is the story of a lady bug named Spot. Spot is a bed bug who spends most of his time guarding house hold items, ensuring that things stay the same.

Now spot got bored and convinced his keepers to take him to the land of lobster and beer, that’s right Halifax. Now the trip was arduous and long but being put in the over head compartment isn’t as bad as it sound, and it is only for take off and landing. Most of the time spot talked his way into his keepers lap.

Now the first thing that was in Halifax of notation was a sign that the keepers were taken with. It seemed that this was a concept that struck a chord.

And so they did. the five fishermen was a wonder for them and the hosts of the group. Not to worry aphids where on the menu as well.

and desert of course

From there there was a love affair with a market with Pete's Frootique Pete is the food hunter from the food network Canada. The store was amazing and had so many interesting displays with tons to look at while shopping. It had a full serve meat and fish section as well.

It is too bad that Pete him self wasn’t there because There was someone who wanted a cook booked autographed. We hear that he works the store on a regular basis.

There was an amazing store there called The Freaks Lunch box that carried many kinds of candy and sweets that are hard to find or imported. And look they hire ummpa loompas

The hostess of the group had a hankering for Perogies so after the trip to Pete’s we all stayed up till two in the morning and boiled, mashed, rolled, pinched and boiled again. Good times where had by all.

The next day was a trip to Peggy’s Cove to see a light house Spot being a Prairie bug was enthused by this. The sign on the light house was worth the trip in its self.

It was too dark out to get a good picture of the sea or the light house itself, however Spot managed to take a picture of the group.

In order Jason, Jon, Dr M, and The Gurl. It felt like family the whole trip the closness was unbelievable. Jon is the Dr.’s room mate and he made us feel so welcome. And gave us a few lessons in wine.

It wasn’t too long till the trip was over and we all had to go home, alas there was one last lobster to kiss at the airport.

All in all they all liked the trip, Spot got to spread his wings and see the rest of the country. Halifax sure was a nice place, even a possibility of living there wouldn’t be out of the question. Aphids year round with out having to dig through the snow.


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