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Monday, February 13, 2006

Yorkshire Pudding


Sorry for the delay inbetween the posting of the picture and the write up, I started a new casual job at a printing company doing bindery work, I am just trying make up some exta cash to go to visit my sister in a few weeks, and my gurl has been glued to her neopets account for some time now too.

Enough of my bitch'n on to the Pudd'n

Yorkshire Pudding

The Hardware
6 tin muffin pan

The Software
vedge oil
1 C ap flour
2 eggs
1 C milk
1 tbsp salt

The Application
Heat oven to 450 d and then in the mufin tray pour oil till1/4 inch in each tin, heat in oven for 8 min, while the oil is heating wisk together eggs, flour, milk, and salt. When the oil comes out of oven pour equal amount of batter into each tin, becarefull of over flow, you are working with very hot oil here. Place tin in oven and bake for 20-30 min, you really have to start to check after 20 min cook time can very due to the amount of oil in each tin.

I recently got an email from a blog reader who is a stong vegitarian, they where upset about the amount of meat in my blog and strongly suggested that I stop posting it. There were vauge threats of them contacting PETA about my blog. In responce WTF I apprecate your concearn for the animals that I am eating, I do my best to buy local products from local producers I know the chicken I eat is free range and not from a comercial opperation, as well as the eggs. The beef is Manitoba local for pete's sake I know the name of the farmer who gets me my roasts. -Rant Over!

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