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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Take that Rachael Ray

With the holiday season now in full swing at my big blue store I am reduced to making quick meals that some times are old standbys and not to tasteful, but are nutritious. But the one above went from inspiration to plate in 9 minutes. 30 Minute meals are for amateurs, just kidding, Rachael you can come live with us anytime.

Please read on for the exciting Interview below.

Pizza Bread.

The Hardware.
Box Grater
Baking Sheet

The Software
4 1inch slices of Bread(I used homemade sundried olive and herb bread)
4 Tbsp of Tomatoe Paste
1/2 a can of Pineapple bits
100g of sliced ham.
1 C of shredded Mozza

The Application
On a baking sheet lay out bread top with tomato paste, ham, cheese, and pineapples. Broil in oven for about 4-5 min till golden and toasty.

I have just made the last job offer for our temp Holiday Staff. I interviewed over 30 people to obtain the 10 people that I feel are the best for retail night work. Out of that 10 I will estimate that 3-4 will quite within the first week, due to either note being able to work the 11pm-7am shift, or not able to do the job physically. Each day the expectation is to process 7 skids of freight each box weight on average 10lbs, 35 boxes to the skid equals 350lbs per skid, times 7 skids equals 2450lbs that each person has to lift in a 7.5 hours of work.

So with 1 in 3 people getting the job this means that 2 of three suck! lets look in on last nights interview.

Me".......... so the expectations is 1 skid per hour"
Him"uh hu shurr snow problem"
Me(wondering why he is slurring his words) "Can you subtract 12 from 51 for me"
Him (proudly) "22"
Me "are you sure?"
Me (Looking at him close) "touch you nose with your right index finger"
Him*pokes himself in the cheek*
Me (Hmmm screw it, I am just gona ask what I am thinking) "were you drinking before you came in here today"
Him "just to calm my nerves"
Me "How many?"
Him "4"
Me "I see, we are done here"
Him "You will call?"
Me "No we won't"

Then I think to my self at least thisone was wearing shoes.


  • At 11:30 AM, Blogger Ana said…

    That instant pizza, or maybe I should call it "open crocque monsieur" (minus the pineapple, of course) sounds delish.

    I've been helping my son fix his new home (spend the full weekends there) so time for cooking is at a premium.


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