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Monday, September 26, 2005

Sopel Chef III

OK This is the third installment of the Sopel chef challenge, for those of you unfamiliar with this event it is an extreme rip off of Iron chef. My three siblings and I all submit dishes under a common theme and present them to a judge.

The Ingredient: My sister Soaps won the last challenge and she now gets to pick the next theame
"It will be any king of food, dessert, soup, meatloaf , whatever as long as it has pumpkin in it! My favorite holiday is coming up, so I says pumpkin is the competition and.......LETS GET IT ONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN"
A picture and preparation techniques must be emailed to Oblio
before the 20th of october. From there she will post the pics and text on her
blog (that way there will be no telling who prepared what dish) and a judge
will decide the winner.
Scoring will be based on :
Aesthetics Max 5 pts-
Eatability Max 5 pts-
Originality Max 5 pts
And the judge is yet to be choosen But I have a list to work with.. Thanks again to last guest judge Dawna
Also for all family members please check the Christmas menu button on the right... I am hosting this year Invites to come in mail soon. If you would like something to be added let me know...


  • At 3:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Pumkin eh.....figures. She only mass produces them. THE GINORMOUS ONES.

    I'll see what I can concoct.


  • At 7:29 PM, Blogger Soapy Strachmonkey said…

    Hey, it was a bad year this year, they all gots washed away. I'll have to go to superstore just like everyone else to get my pumpkin.


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