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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Indo China Pavilion

The Indo China Pavilion is the most user friendly pavilion that we have been to, it is in a mall that holds a theatrical company, that is on summer break. The hot food was the normal Fried rice, mixed vedg, and spring rolls. It was the sweat table that grabbed my attention. We tried the Butterfly pastry, and the Jellied Green tea. Jelly was for sure one of the most interesting and tasty things we have tried on our trips. The butterfly pastry was incredibly flaky.

The show was very good with Martial Arts Woo Shoo style, a Lion dance, and several types of dancing.

The Scotland Heavy Games.

I am sneaking this in shhhh. We attended the heavy games at the Scotland Pavilion and it was a good time had by all. They did a call from the crowd to see if anyone wanted to try the Farmers Walk. Me and my gurl both signed up. Now the farmers walk involves lifting a 185 lb (men) 85lb (women) weight in each hand around a 100 foot straight line. When you get to the end you turn around and come back. I placed 3rd with 100ft even I couldn't make the corner. My gurl came in 2nd in her class with 111 feet 4 Inc..

Monday Borsht, no more procratsinaton!!


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