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Saturday, August 06, 2005

The Czech and Slovak Pavilion

The Czech and Slovak pavilion was good when it comes to the show and the quality of the performances, not so much when it comes to the food, Growing up in a family that has eastern European roots the food came off as very bland and uninteresting for me the menu consisted of:

Roast pork with cabbage dumplings.
Bryndozove Halusky (that is what is shown above) I think it was perogies with out the casing
Roast peppers with rice and tomatoes
Dumplings filled with strawberries
Sausage and mustard
potato Pancake
Ham Sandwich
assorted pastries

I read reports of bloggers being sued for saying negative things of restaurants.. so as my disclaimer this is my opinion only and you should go and make your own decision, I really hope no one is basing there folklorama trips based on what I say

The show was wonderfull however ,show pictures


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