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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Celtic Ireland Pavilion

There are two Irish Pavilions every year, Last year we found out that one is MUCH better than the other. This year we whent to the party place. I was sad to find out that the Dust Rhinos were not playing this year. The place still rocked thou.. we came early because there is always a long wait. This year they put us up in the bar and we were able to watch the tail end of the preformance from the previous show.

Ehem the food uh ya.. I didnt take part in the food this year for a few reasons 1. We are watching the money situation, and 2 it is mostly deep fried fish and chippy stuff.. things I can make at home. So I took pictures. I kinda have a rule of thumb when attending pavilions, that being if I can make it at home already.. I am not going to buy it for $10 at a pavilion for it. However I wish that our trips had an alcohol Budget, I am very much into UK beers. My fave being a British Ale named New Castle. Much to the dissapointment of the entire empire thou I like my beer/ale cold.


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