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Monday, August 08, 2005


finally after about two weeks of procrastination I have made borscht. This can be a completely Vegan dish(except I used Beef broth instead of vedg broth). the good thing too is it is low calorie as well. I am just wondering how long it is will take to get the red off my hands, it looks like I was responsible for a great beat massacre. I did a lot of looking for a good recipe and kinda smooshed a few together to make this one I think it turned out very well!


The Hardware
Sharp Knife
Vedge Pealer
LARGE! Stock pot
Spider(Asian handheld strainer)

The Software
1 1/2 lb of Cubed potato
6 Nice sized Beats Cubed
2 Red Onions Chopped
2 1/2 C of Cabbage Chopped Fine
4 Cloves of Garlic Minced
6 Tomatoes De-Skinned (is that a word?)
2 Tsp of course cracked Pepper
1 Tsp of Curry Paste
3/4 C of Fresh Dill (adjust this to taste, I like Dill)
3 Sprigs of parsley Chopped
4 C of Beef Broth (sub vedg broth for Vegan option)
4 C of Water
1 Bay Leaf

The Application
In a Large Pot Fry onion, Cabbage, potato till onion goes translucent.

Add the rest of the ingredients bring to a boil and simmer for about an hour. Once all the vedg is nice and soft, with the strainer scoop all the solid vedg into a blender, pulse on 'chop' for a few seconds and then return to the broth (I had to do it in two portions) of course if you chopped all of your ingredients uniformly in the first place you can skip this step, I found raw beats hard to work with thou. Ladle into bowls and serve. Freezes well.


  • At 4:06 PM, Blogger Dawna said…

    Yum, borscht! I like sour cream too much to make it vegan, but one of my favourite recipes is vegetarian. I'm pretty easy-going as far as borscht goes, though. Some folks have very specific expectations, but as long as it tastes good, I'm happy!

    The way I avoid "slaughter-fingers" is to roast the beets in the oven in a foil packet. Once they're tender, the skins slip right off, and it's much less messy than simmering on the stovetop (if like me you are prone to letting it bubble over onto your nice, white stove...)


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