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Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Since about February I have tried to get my stuff together when it comes to eating, There was a time when I was a fast food junkie. I was Eating KFC, McD's, Burger King, ect.. Every day! I watched my weight sore I was 80 pounds heaver than I was 10 years ago. It was in February that I saw the documentary Super Size Me After that it was like holy s*it time to get my crap together or I am gona end up dead.

I was a Big Gulp/Slurpee a Day for about 8 years. I live in the Slupee Capital of the world. Winnipeggers per Capita consume more Slurpees Per Person than anywhere in the world. I have the commerative cup to prove it.

Now Since that day that I watched that show,,, Good things have happened I have dropped 25 lbs (and if you have noticed it is not by cutting out rich foods) I have done it by doing 2 things,
1. Reading Product information lables on packages and not eating Trans Fats and artificial anything, No Colour, No Flavor. Things have to be in there natural state.
2. Plain old exercise. Praise you Dance Dance Revolution

Now that I am slimmer and looking to by new pants cause the old ones don't fit anymore!!! 7 Eleven announces SLURPEE DAY Thats right every person who walks through the doors of any of the 46 Winnipeg Sev's gets a free Slurpee.. From 9am- 9pm I was like a Heroin Addict in an Opium den. Sweaty, Bitchy, And Generally carrying on cranky. I just want to give it up to my Gurl For being there for me and helping me be strong, We kicked the addiction together, truth be told she introduced me to 7 Eleven..

Above is the picture of my personal Sev In the last 3 cities we lived in we have been living within line of sight of a Sev.. Of course we bought a house in December and it is only 3 short blocks away from this crack house... For lovers of pop I hope that moderation does you well but I am week and I do not Damn slupees and there power I just have an addictive personality and can't stop myself.

Rant Over


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