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Monday, June 13, 2005


I know my mood says TGIF and that is bc for me it is friday I am off for the next 2 days. With the house clean and Laundry done (my gurl ROCKS) I am kinda looking forward to kicking back. For me however I am gona make a list of things to do..

1. Make Banana Bread.. I bought a new silicone loaf pan and I am dying to try it out.
2. Play more Animal Crossing.. God that game has me again..
I. What happens if you release a bee after you catch it does it still sting you?
3. Ponder and possibly create my dish for is my blog burning ( Seattle Bon Vivant's blog is hosting)this month it is Eggs.. I am at a loss in this one too.. why cant they pick, Cabbage or suasage,, I am contemplating using either Fish Row or Maybe an Ostrich egg if I can hunt one down.
4. Do my dish for taste canada this one will be a no brainer.. I am doing perogies with bacon bits and sour cream... to me that says Canada.. atleast MY Canada.
5. And it looks like I will be doing alot of dishes too... :P


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