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Friday, June 03, 2005

Days off

Wow,, I have had 4 days off this week 1 for a day owed, one for Queen Victoria's Birthday.(oh yeah it rocks being part of the common wealth) So I have been off for a while and my hands are starting to soften up... (I work alot with my hands and they get kinda rough)

there has been a few things that have been getting me down latley...

1. My Mother in law is comming for a visit next week I like her and all, but some times she is too hard on my gurl and it makes me mad when she critsizes her,,, plus I catch her inspecting the house for dust.

2. Our Property taxes are due at the end of this month 1800 bucks owe.. thats a stiff kick in the nuts.

3.when I get stressed out I some times go into a cleaning frenzy and basicly answer all questions "cant talk now cleaning"

4. it has also been raining every day.. today I finally seen the sun yeah...

I am feeling cooky again so maybe sweetpotatoe biscuts tonight or tommorow


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