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Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Today I have not done too much and I feel good about it..
I took a nap 3 hours after I woke up Booya....

I always skim through other blogs out there and I leave comments on some of them knowing full well that I will probably never go back to that blog again.. and today someone that I dont know left a comment on one of my posts... it is wierd cause I never do poetry any more... and yesterday it kinda spilled out... the last time I was doing that kinda stuff was high school..

the rest of the night will consist of reading more blogs,,,, checking the movie link game... NEW ROUND JUST STARTED.... and possibly more napping..

it is still freaking cold here I think my weather pixie says -4 right now.... Why is your weather person a girl? was a question asked a while ago, and I have been a bum about answering it... the reason is, is that I felt the weather men... were too too... Prissy... they didnt represent me that well... so I chose a weather girl... kinda like the weather babe on tv... meh...

comming soon the larger than life statue of Herb Tarlik

-end post..


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