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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Is my blog burning contest

First off why has no one told me of this... ???

There is and internet cooking competition.. it is called Is my blog burning (IMBB) It is hosted by this couple with a blog they are called Food Goat and Lady Goat. Every month they give out a theme and you conjure something up post a picture and the recipe and and the glory/disappointment starts from there... they just finished the April compition and the theme was Orange... Color

This is like Iron Chef home edition... I am so in this... There is some hard core chefs involved thou.. I hope this Canadian boi can show them what he can do..

I posted some food blog links to the right... I just found them skimming blogs.. this is a whole new sub culture I am afraid of how involved I might become..

Bang a gong and it is ON
-end post


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