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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Income tax refund.

YAY I got back 900 bucks... so with this we where on a whirl wind the last couple of days

we got me a ladder to paint the house.. pic comming soon.. now to get a ladder good enough to hold my large ass we had to go to a specialty store Where do you ask? why ladder world..

I got a shop vac for the garage so I can clean the car. I hate paying 3.00 to the carwash vacume..

we went to Romanis for lunch my gurl ordered chicken spinnach pasta and she got The sashimi version... so we ate for nothing and I heard the cook getting yelled at from our table,

we saw Constantine the movie as well .. not bad... I find it odd that being catholic myself it is nice having a comfort zone knowing there is a heven and a hell... but i know somepeople that were raised with out any religion and death really scares them.. I dont pitty them cause that would be rude.. but I wish I could share my comfort with them.. that DOES NOT mean I am wanting to start saving people... Bla.. those people get up my nose..

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