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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Yard work

Alright.. the snow is almost gone .. I stood on my deck .. drank a "juice" and surveyed the damage.. 17 trees on our lot.. and holy crap there is alot of raking to do..

Well I guess the first order of buisness it to by a rake..

The I will have to find a gnome supplier for our army.. we dont sell quality gnomes at our store.. they are too small and all of them are holding wierd shit.. like one has an axe in one hand and in the other a mirrored ball... WTH is it a wizard gnome...does it play dungeons and dragons by night and garden by day???

The Juno Awards were held in my town this week.. lotsa weird people in town,.,, even the skanky hotels were filled up.. ya know the ones that have two rooms because only an INN can have a Beverage room...(bar) Local law..

This is post 3 for today so not bad eh?


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