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Thursday, April 28, 2005

What a minute are you comming on to me?

Ok ... I wear a ring on my left hand on the finger next to the pinky...

this girl at work has always been nice to me.. Ya I know I am the boss... but most people get pissy with thier boss one time or anouther.. not this lady and then last night she asked what I do for fun? I said not much... I work too damn much.. she talked more.. Then it was like... OMG she is hitting on me.. I had to do the thanks, I am flattered thing... then I had to report it... the store has a very strict rules about this kinda thing.. to protect myself... Then I thought.. would anyone believe it? I am not the most handsome guy in the world.. all in all the whole thing just gave me the creeps... I love my gurl...

secondly... it is freaking snowing out... -4 and SNOWING!!! in April.. almost may... I BBQ'd yesterday in the snow with my touque on.. WTF... Summer are you out there? I sorry I said bad things about the sun and how it burns my pastey white skin... (I am not taking back what I said about the mosquitos)

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