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Monday, April 04, 2005

The weekly to do list...

I find it motavates me if type this up ... I HAVE to do it so that the word doesnt think me a slacker..

1. Clean the bathrooms. ... (If you noticed it is the one thing from the last week that didnt get the DONE stamp..DONE
2. Bake bread.. 2 loaves lasted us the week .. so will do it again.. this time one white and one Pecan DONE note to self next time dont forget to add cinniamin to the pecan loaf.
3. do laundry. yep.. every week. DONE
4. Wash floors in Kitchen..(Juice explosion today..) DONE
5. Wipe out all appliances.. fridge. stove... oven.. and dishwasher. DONE

and here is the kicker .. gota do it all tonight cause we are taking a road trip tomorrow.. Yes I know my spelling still stinks.. get over it.. I wont use the spell checker either.. too bad for you.

-end post


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