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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

The Shoe Post

My Babies
Blundered by Templar

K This is my shoe collection ... there is one pair missing and it is an high top pair of cat boots, they have not been spotted since the move .. me wonders if someone has thrown them out >:

up there

top left
Plain wing tips..

top middle left
My wedding shoes.. the black and whites... very special occasions

top Middle right
My ass kickers.. the steel toe work shoes..

top Right
My fave sneekers.. the blue bowlers <- they are a bit damp and salty now that it has been raining for a week

bottom left
the indistructable casual.. doc martins..

bottom middle
my new sandles from last year..

bottom right
the sandles I got 5 years ago from my last work place when they whent under.. they have lasted so long.. and yet they are falling apart.. *sigh* only a few know how hard it is for me to part with my shoes even when I know they need to be retired...

-End post


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