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Monday, April 18, 2005

Pre-Wagon checklist..

These are the things that we have to get done before the wagon lands..

  • -Clean the kitchen.DONE
  • -Bake cookies DONE
  • -vacum DONE
  • -Tidy the room of the wagon DONE
  • -clean all the bathrooms and this means the one down stairs too. DONE
  • -wash the entrance floor. DONE
  • -Do laundry and fold and put away.. last week I threw it all on the chair in the basment and whent fishing before Left the house...
  • -rake the rest of the yard almost done...
  • -Scavenge some fire wood from somewere.. so we can cook out stakes for the wagon.. she has been going through beef withdrawl since she left the cow rich prairies and move the fish infested coast..DONE
  • -and plan other wagon related activities... Please comment on suggestions ...

-end post.


  • At 9:16 AM, Blogger SweetSopi said…

    Do what I am doing, why clean the house, let the wagon clean for you. Paying for the flight home = house cleaned for you


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