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Friday, April 08, 2005

I am a Product of my enviroment

K I have been working nights for a while now,, and it wasnt till last night that I realize that I have gained some serious muscle

Me.. Hello
Stocker... Jason can you give me a hand with something
Me.. Sure I will be right there

Short trip to the hardwere dept

Stocker...What do you what me to do with these tool boxes?
Me.. Just put them up on that shelf up there
Stocker... your kidding right.. those thing weigh like 65lbs
Me.. you can do it .. just watch .. like this I grab one climb the ladder and put it on the top shelf.
Stocker... Holly shit man.. do you work out
Me.. No Y? I just realize that I am strong

I help him and do the rest of the tool chests and do some deep thinking 2 days ago someone asked me to put there water in their trunk while I was walking through the parking lot of the store.

I am built like a wieght lifter .. not a body builder but like the guys that do the big lifts on the olympics.. not that I am that strong but after the tool box thing last night I started randomly lifting things that have the weights written on them.. they have to for somethings that come in from out of country..

$300 bbq 60 lbs No problem
2x 40 lbs pallets No problem...
Bale of peet moss.. 90 lbs strugled
4 bags of softerner salt 100lbs Struggled.
3 boxs of kitty liter 120 lbs.. nope..

so just kinda wierd...

ps I am feeling better after a 9 hour sleep. -end post


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