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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Fear and Food...

Now that I am doing better about restaraunt food. and eating better, I have a fear of being shallow... Most of the people I talk to are foodies, and I realized that that is what I talk the most about.. and the fact that I only have like two hobbies 1 cooking 2. Kite flying.. and you will have to admitt the second is not that common.. I just hope that I can be more of a conversationalist, in relation to social situations.. just something that has been on my mind as of late..

I forgot to put make ahead meals on my weekly to do list so this is what is on my menu for this week..

1. Aloo Gobi<- Indian potato and califlower dish.
2. Stew
3. Spagetti

The bread came out great.. it will provide work sandwiches .. I just have to eat all my meals.. so that I can maintain and loose wieght..

Been listening to alot of music my latest fav disk is the Power97 Studio disk.. it is an accustic collection of songs that artist have played in the radio station in town here.. great song of the week is the Finger 11 One thing If you can download music... I highly recomend trying to find this song.. I tried to sing it kareokee at a bar one night... I got boo'ed off.. ya thats right this white boi cant sing....

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