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Monday, April 18, 2005


No I am not talking about the music type..

Duno why I just feel like hell today and it started last night at work.. I was doing fine and Bang... My head started swimming.. and I couldnt make any sence of anything anyone was saying... Kinda like being a student in Charlie Browns class.. Alls I heard was Wamp wamp wamp wamp waaaaa... I hate feeling stupid.. I dont think I am the smartest guy in the world but last few days it has been like "talk slow and dont use any big words for me."

Today I said something stupid to my gurl.. I called her old... I know I know... never tell a newly thirtyish person they are old... I got it.. but it is because I am not feeling right that I am speaking without thinking.. I know that doesnt make it ok to be a jackass thou...

I whent to work and said to hell with this.. and I whent home.. I feel like shit and I am going home.. I am allowed 1 Personal day a year.. and I just took it my first one in 4 years.

So I am doing what I want to do tonight and that is Jack squat... I am making brownies to cheer myself up.. listining the the music that helps.. It has always been Mary Chapin Carpenter for some reason.. even in high school it was my moody teenager music.. there is something about it that helps.. duno.

My gurl is being super suportive even thou I was an ass today.. thats why I lover her so much.. She puts up with alot.. thanks sweetie..

I wish I had something witty and fun to say but this is it.. thats all.. stick a fork in me ..

-end post


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