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Saturday, April 09, 2005

4200 peices...

Whoa.. two big trucks last night,, and frozen food on top of it..for a grand total of over 4200 pcs of frieght. We worked out all but 16 pallets of it, not bad considering that 131 pallets came off the truck..that means that my team plus me for a total of 18 people emptied 115 pallets.. good night and good sales tomorrow uh today... whatever.. the thing with working night is that even thou the callender says it is saterday now my body is going its friday night...

Cronic nose bleeds have been something that has pleaged me since i was 12 years old.. and last night was no different... its good that the staff are used to me now with a tissue balled up and stuffed in my nose..

Bubbles is comming to visit today ... I wont get any sleep .. it is funny that we call him bubbles especially since the trailer park boys bubbles isnt far off
TrAiLeR PaRk BoYs! ~ ~ ~ o0oOo0oOo0o bUBbLEs o0oOo0oOo0o <-Bubbles is the one with glasse


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