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Wednesday, May 10, 2006



I am in thunderbay, we have had a bitch'n time along the way, we have taken an 8 hour drive and turned it into a 19 hour drive, sure we stopped to sleep for 3 hrs in the kenora tim hortons parking lot. We plotted a course that involved us doing tons of geocaches, we saw some beautiful sights and took pictures, I will upload them when I get home.

this has got me out doing more activity and seeing things that I have never would have guessed are out there. Reading other peoples thoughts in the logs that accompany the caches is fun too.

later days.

Thursday, May 04, 2006


The Geocaching post

I have been delaying posting about this topic untill I found out more about the subject. I started geocaching when I got back from holiday, My gurl bought me a gps for my birthday. Now you say my birthday isnt till august, well you would be right. My gurl is funny that way, giving me what I cant afford and saying happy birthday.

Now what is geocaching. It is a "sport" that is requires one thing, a GPS, now that I had one I am free to cache. You download coordinates from the web site, and imput them into your gps and go find treasure

I have found about 20 sites in winnipeg and brandon, they range from empty peanut butter jars to 35mm film canasters,

The thrill of the hunt makes it all worth the find.

My name is what?

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