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Saturday, April 30, 2005


yes I know I have samelessly stolen from someone esles blog but

American Cities That Best Fit You:

65% Atlanta
65% Chicago
65% Philadelphia
65% Washington, DC
60% Los Angeles

Which American Cities Best Fit You?

atlanta? They should do a canadian version

Thursday, April 28, 2005

What a minute are you comming on to me?

Ok ... I wear a ring on my left hand on the finger next to the pinky...

this girl at work has always been nice to me.. Ya I know I am the boss... but most people get pissy with thier boss one time or anouther.. not this lady and then last night she asked what I do for fun? I said not much... I work too damn much.. she talked more.. Then it was like... OMG she is hitting on me.. I had to do the thanks, I am flattered thing... then I had to report it... the store has a very strict rules about this kinda thing.. to protect myself... Then I thought.. would anyone believe it? I am not the most handsome guy in the world.. all in all the whole thing just gave me the creeps... I love my gurl...

secondly... it is freaking snowing out... -4 and SNOWING!!! in April.. almost may... I BBQ'd yesterday in the snow with my touque on.. WTF... Summer are you out there? I sorry I said bad things about the sun and how it burns my pastey white skin... (I am not taking back what I said about the mosquitos)

-end post

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Days Off check list..

This is my weekly list,

1. Go to the denist and sign papers. DONE
2. Find an autobody shop to take golfy DONE
3. Rake the last of the yard.. yes this is a left over from the last list.
4. Maybe paint the trim on the outside of the house...Blue of course.
#3&4 are being postponed till there is more heat outside,,,

I have already cleaned the kitchen.. woot!

While stuck in trafic.. I roll down the window and listen to the car beside me and try to match my radio station to the car next to me so I can bob my head in sync with them.. it frightens some and amuses others.

Home and Native land

There in the picture is the Riding mountain, We went on a road trip today, and I got to think I love living in the grass lands of central Canada, I have lived in many different places across this country but always in the prairies, I would feel so forein out side of the flatlands, I don't know if I could cope without the fantastic lightning shows and seeing gold wheat, and cows for as far as the eye can see.. It just makes me feel good to be in the place that I am in..

End post

Mr. Beaver

Almost every small town in this great flat land that I grew up in has one of these,,, it is either a mascot, or a "Worlds Lagest" anyway.. I think I will cronical the larger than Life statues as we adventure across the flat lands.. This is a beaver with a sweater and a ball cap.. Y ? I duno but the peeps of Duaphin MB are proud of him...even if his tail is missing Shhhhh maybe he doesnt know..

Is this a canadian thing do yall have these in the US too?

Monday, April 25, 2005

For the love of....

Crap... I know I have been on a tear latley... but why cant I get any peace,,,

why is the first thing out of peoples mouths "How come you did/didnt do ___" for once I would people to day Good Morning... that would be a switch

why dont people take sircomstance into consideration ... "I know you just got 12000 cases in the last few days but... Your a moron!!!"

the boss was cool thou... he understands... he thought we did pretty good considering...

well I guess I have rambled myself out... well days off are apon me and I hope cheerier times.. I gota do something fun... something... different... Maybe some 3am chalk drawin infront of town hall???

Sunday, April 24, 2005


I know it isnt like me but I am sooooo pissed right now...


I just spent a hour looking for a pencil sharpner... and still didnt find it... why dose that anger me so? I feel like the world hates me today... just because of a pencil shapner... that is sooo stupid... garrrrrrr,,,,

weep... sob... done,... getting over it,.,,

What is he doing now.

Rember growing pains..

guess what KIRK CAMERON is doing now...

Just a p.s. from the last post... I guess

-end post

All in the family

Wow it has been a few days....

K. the wagon just left, it was soo great to see her again, she brightens my life when she is here, I love how smart and grown up she is, I read her blog and the things she writes about are so profond and refreshing.. she is gona do great things with her life, I know it....

Bubbles came to with his new girlfriend ..well he kind Came, ate, left, came back, slept, and left again... whateva...

I thought fred's days were numbered we had the wood fingerprinted that was stabed into the machinery ,,,, results Inconclusive.. stay of exicution I guess... one of these days.. one of these days..

The work load at the store has gone from moderate to What the Bleeding hell 9 trucks in 4 days.. it dont get any worse that ,,, My store manager is coming back from hollidays tomorrow and I hope we can pull it into some kinda presentable shape...

I am worried about my gurl ... she has been under alot of stress latley I hope we can relax a bit now that my days off are tomorrow...

I have been soooo busy.. and I know this is discusting but it has been 3 days since I have had a shower that has lasted more than 6o seconds.. My hair feels like wet seaweed.. I am just so grossed out... there is acutuly a filth line on my are were my shirt sleave ends... I need to primp damn it...

I need new pants tooo..

-end post

Thursday, April 21, 2005

It's not my fault

Well thats what Manitoba Public Insurance says.. There is 2200 in damage to the golf and we dont have topay a dime.. WOOT!.

I am really sleepy today cause it was my first day back to work, I have to get some sleep cause the wagon's plane is ariving in a few hours and I have to sleep...

check the new Pope toast link to the right..

-end post

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

New Pope

Ok there is a new pope.. he is :

Was in the hitler youth
Was in the Nazi army..

does anyone else think this isnt the best idea the church has come up with? um what next the wine being switch with straight moon shine?

Bubbles I posted an A-Team Pimp your ride link on the side for you.. if you need a garage or some one to shave your head.. let me know..

-End post

Monday, April 18, 2005

Pre-Wagon checklist..

These are the things that we have to get done before the wagon lands..

  • -Clean the kitchen.DONE
  • -Bake cookies DONE
  • -vacum DONE
  • -Tidy the room of the wagon DONE
  • -clean all the bathrooms and this means the one down stairs too. DONE
  • -wash the entrance floor. DONE
  • -Do laundry and fold and put away.. last week I threw it all on the chair in the basment and whent fishing before Left the house...
  • -rake the rest of the yard almost done...
  • -Scavenge some fire wood from somewere.. so we can cook out stakes for the wagon.. she has been going through beef withdrawl since she left the cow rich prairies and move the fish infested coast..DONE
  • -and plan other wagon related activities... Please comment on suggestions ...

-end post.


No I am not talking about the music type..

Duno why I just feel like hell today and it started last night at work.. I was doing fine and Bang... My head started swimming.. and I couldnt make any sence of anything anyone was saying... Kinda like being a student in Charlie Browns class.. Alls I heard was Wamp wamp wamp wamp waaaaa... I hate feeling stupid.. I dont think I am the smartest guy in the world but last few days it has been like "talk slow and dont use any big words for me."

Today I said something stupid to my gurl.. I called her old... I know I know... never tell a newly thirtyish person they are old... I got it.. but it is because I am not feeling right that I am speaking without thinking.. I know that doesnt make it ok to be a jackass thou...

I whent to work and said to hell with this.. and I whent home.. I feel like shit and I am going home.. I am allowed 1 Personal day a year.. and I just took it my first one in 4 years.

So I am doing what I want to do tonight and that is Jack squat... I am making brownies to cheer myself up.. listining the the music that helps.. It has always been Mary Chapin Carpenter for some reason.. even in high school it was my moody teenager music.. there is something about it that helps.. duno.

My gurl is being super suportive even thou I was an ass today.. thats why I lover her so much.. She puts up with alot.. thanks sweetie..

I wish I had something witty and fun to say but this is it.. thats all.. stick a fork in me ..

-end post

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Wagon is coming..

3:16 on thursday a plane will land holding the Little red wagon.... Most people reading this will say WTF.. is he talking about.. I will only say play movie link game and figure it out.. the link is to the right.. Itinary of shinanigans comming soon...

-End post

Friday, April 15, 2005

Goats got it going on

My fave dish right now is plain pasta.. with some hot butter... and shaved goat cheese on top.. Tomato soup is soo out and this is IN..

Goat cheeze rocks

My Bad day

OK.. Start
Wake up,, get off the futon where I dozed off and crunch... I stepped on my glasses.. Not so bad cause work will fix them for free.. and I have contacts.. but wearing them for 18-19 hours makes me wana pull my eyeballs out and rise and replace..

I pulled on my pants and rippppp there goes the spot between the zipper and the rear pockets.. wtf these are only like 3 months old..

On the way out and about doing Ninja activites.. we get hit by a car.. I was in an intersection and going through a yellow light at the time.. Whatever... its all up the insurance people now... I am looking forward to biking for a bit while the car is in the shop.

-end post

Bad day

Thursday, April 14, 2005

The forces are massing

He is the ground force,

He is the first,

He is the brave,

Neither Rain,

Nor sleet,

Nor cat,

will keep him from his post..

his name is Private First class Harold

More to come.

-end post

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Pimp my Blog

K I spent 1/2 of the night figuring out the gibberish that is blanguage .. you know that stuff you use to make cool things on your blog and other web pages...

The following are some of the new features of my blog.
1. Profile Pic.. yep thats me..
2. The mood indicator.. thats what kinda mood I am in
3. I put up some links on the side bar.
4. I can now post pictures.. the possibilites..

-end post.

The Shoe Post

My Babies
Blundered by Templar

K This is my shoe collection ... there is one pair missing and it is an high top pair of cat boots, they have not been spotted since the move .. me wonders if someone has thrown them out >:

up there

top left
Plain wing tips..

top middle left
My wedding shoes.. the black and whites... very special occasions

top Middle right
My ass kickers.. the steel toe work shoes..

top Right
My fave sneekers.. the blue bowlers <- they are a bit damp and salty now that it has been raining for a week

bottom left
the indistructable casual.. doc martins..

bottom middle
my new sandles from last year..

bottom right
the sandles I got 5 years ago from my last work place when they whent under.. they have lasted so long.. and yet they are falling apart.. *sigh* only a few know how hard it is for me to part with my shoes even when I know they need to be retired...

-End post

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Avocado are being wasted no more.

The organic food people have been sending me avocados like mad latley.. I have screwed up some many things by trying to add them or make a salad dressing out of them.. all in all the avocado has been a wasted fruit.. vegatable?? well no more the recipe below rocks and is now my primary source of avocado usage..

how many time can I put avocado into a post eh?

Avocado and Tomato Salsa
4 plum tomatoes, chopped
1/2 small red onion, minced
1 jalapeno chile, seeded and minced
2 tbsp lime juice
1/4 cup chopped fresh coriander
1 clove garlic, minced
2 tbsp olive oil
1 ripe avocado, peeled and diced
Coarse salt and freshly cracked black pepper to taste

chuck in glass bowl mix with a fork till thick.. and fridge for 1/2 hour then break out the nacho chips..

-end post


OK tonight i have planed a outing for me and my gurl we are going to Tavern in the Park :: Winnipeg for a nice supper out. I didnt post yesterday cause I was too buisy being a spaz. I got nothing accomplished and bla...

I have a bad habbit of spacing out for days at a time some times and yesterday was one of them.. Maybe cause I got in trouble for being late at work for the second time in 3 months.. gota be on time...

Bubbles blog... right now it is the drunken rampage blog but who knows maybe growth comming soon..

Will update more later

-end post

Saturday, April 09, 2005

4200 peices...

Whoa.. two big trucks last night,, and frozen food on top of it..for a grand total of over 4200 pcs of frieght. We worked out all but 16 pallets of it, not bad considering that 131 pallets came off the truck..that means that my team plus me for a total of 18 people emptied 115 pallets.. good night and good sales tomorrow uh today... whatever.. the thing with working night is that even thou the callender says it is saterday now my body is going its friday night...

Cronic nose bleeds have been something that has pleaged me since i was 12 years old.. and last night was no different... its good that the staff are used to me now with a tissue balled up and stuffed in my nose..

Bubbles is comming to visit today ... I wont get any sleep .. it is funny that we call him bubbles especially since the trailer park boys bubbles isnt far off
TrAiLeR PaRk BoYs! ~ ~ ~ o0oOo0oOo0o bUBbLEs o0oOo0oOo0o <-Bubbles is the one with glasse

Friday, April 08, 2005

I am a Product of my enviroment

K I have been working nights for a while now,, and it wasnt till last night that I realize that I have gained some serious muscle

Me.. Hello
Stocker... Jason can you give me a hand with something
Me.. Sure I will be right there

Short trip to the hardwere dept

Stocker...What do you what me to do with these tool boxes?
Me.. Just put them up on that shelf up there
Stocker... your kidding right.. those thing weigh like 65lbs
Me.. you can do it .. just watch .. like this I grab one climb the ladder and put it on the top shelf.
Stocker... Holly shit man.. do you work out
Me.. No Y? I just realize that I am strong

I help him and do the rest of the tool chests and do some deep thinking 2 days ago someone asked me to put there water in their trunk while I was walking through the parking lot of the store.

I am built like a wieght lifter .. not a body builder but like the guys that do the big lifts on the olympics.. not that I am that strong but after the tool box thing last night I started randomly lifting things that have the weights written on them.. they have to for somethings that come in from out of country..

$300 bbq 60 lbs No problem
2x 40 lbs pallets No problem...
Bale of peet moss.. 90 lbs strugled
4 bags of softerner salt 100lbs Struggled.
3 boxs of kitty liter 120 lbs.. nope..

so just kinda wierd...

ps I am feeling better after a 9 hour sleep. -end post

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Damn I am sick

It is year of the cooties... I usually get sick once a year.. and since I was flat on my back sick in january I tought .. good not that that is over for the year... but nNNooooooooo I am coughing and have arunny nose.. and a pressure thing in my lungs.. wierd..

going to bed now..

end post

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

The house to buy list..

I just reliazed I love making list.. we need to buy/borrow some stuff for the house..

1. Rake
2. Dirt The house is settling.. so we need to build it up so it doesnt look like the ground is eating our house
3. Wheelborrow<-Sp? To move the dirt
4. Ladder to clean gutters.
5. a work shop compleat with tools..

gota go back to work tonight Damn..

-end post

New things needes

I gota change things up... I dont wanta be boring.. I want to do something nice for my gurl... I looked into sending her to a spa.. I wish I knew someone who could recomend one..

I miss haveing her up with me.. this time of night we usually go for coffee .. at our local Tim Hortons .. the coffee is hit or miss.. but the converstaion it great.. it is the time to gether that I miss when we are on different sleep scheadules...

Even My hamster is asleep..

The road trip we were planning was cancelled due to it not being "Econimicly Viable"/We poor... Pay day is coming..

-end post

Yard work

Alright.. the snow is almost gone .. I stood on my deck .. drank a "juice" and surveyed the damage.. 17 trees on our lot.. and holy crap there is alot of raking to do..

Well I guess the first order of buisness it to by a rake..

The I will have to find a gnome supplier for our army.. we dont sell quality gnomes at our store.. they are too small and all of them are holding wierd shit.. like one has an axe in one hand and in the other a mirrored ball... WTH is it a wizard gnome...does it play dungeons and dragons by night and garden by day???

The Juno Awards were held in my town this week.. lotsa weird people in town,.,, even the skanky hotels were filled up.. ya know the ones that have two rooms because only an INN can have a Beverage room...(bar) Local law..

This is post 3 for today so not bad eh?

Was there any doubt...

I'm A 1970s Geek
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find your geek decade at

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Fear and Food...

Now that I am doing better about restaraunt food. and eating better, I have a fear of being shallow... Most of the people I talk to are foodies, and I realized that that is what I talk the most about.. and the fact that I only have like two hobbies 1 cooking 2. Kite flying.. and you will have to admitt the second is not that common.. I just hope that I can be more of a conversationalist, in relation to social situations.. just something that has been on my mind as of late..

I forgot to put make ahead meals on my weekly to do list so this is what is on my menu for this week..

1. Aloo Gobi<- Indian potato and califlower dish.
2. Stew
3. Spagetti

The bread came out great.. it will provide work sandwiches .. I just have to eat all my meals.. so that I can maintain and loose wieght..

Been listening to alot of music my latest fav disk is the Power97 Studio disk.. it is an accustic collection of songs that artist have played in the radio station in town here.. great song of the week is the Finger 11 One thing If you can download music... I highly recomend trying to find this song.. I tried to sing it kareokee at a bar one night... I got boo'ed off.. ya thats right this white boi cant sing....

-end post

Monday, April 04, 2005

The weekly to do list...

I find it motavates me if type this up ... I HAVE to do it so that the word doesnt think me a slacker..

1. Clean the bathrooms. ... (If you noticed it is the one thing from the last week that didnt get the DONE stamp..DONE
2. Bake bread.. 2 loaves lasted us the week .. so will do it again.. this time one white and one Pecan DONE note to self next time dont forget to add cinniamin to the pecan loaf.
3. do laundry. yep.. every week. DONE
4. Wash floors in Kitchen..(Juice explosion today..) DONE
5. Wipe out all appliances.. fridge. stove... oven.. and dishwasher. DONE

and here is the kicker .. gota do it all tonight cause we are taking a road trip tomorrow.. Yes I know my spelling still stinks.. get over it.. I wont use the spell checker either.. too bad for you.

-end post

Damn true I think

K the picture didnt work but this is a survey I stole from another blog..


You're always cheerful and happy. You don't usually
have bad moods, and you're very optimistic.
You're the kind of person that every one wants
to be friends with. You make mistakes like
everyone else, but you can always fix them. You
have a great talent of seeing beyond people's
appearances. You have a lot of friends, but are
shy with strangers. But once you get to know
people, you warm right up! So in other words,
everyone loves you! Can I hug you?

What Flavor of Jones Soda Are You? (Fun Pictures!)
brought to you by

Me no sleep..

K for the last few days there has been a sevear shortage of sleep in my life ... total of 3-4 hours a day.. and what am i accomplishing with all this waking time that i have.. nothing.. I am not cleaning... cooking... I am however taken up Animal Crossing.. again.. Animal Crossing Community wil explain the game.. it rocks...

there will b more updates latter.. gota go and take my yorksir pudding out of the oven now...

-End Post